The Ben Franklin Follies will debut soon.

Posted on April 3, 2010


I’ve had the idea for this blog for several years but never have had time to pursue it.  In fact, back around 2006 I started blogging under this title (using another blogging service) but let it fall by the wayside, due to professional responsibilities at the time.

But now the time is right.

Ben Franklin is my hero. I love his approach to life. He wasn’t constrained by “disciplinary” silos that we are usually forced to operate in today. Ben had eclectic tastes. He was curious about the world.

This blog will explore Ben Franklin’s wisdom in the realm of postmodern American culture and the new media landscape.

And, with Ben’s style as my inspiration, I’ll write about the music and movies that move me, books that inspire me, good food, good times, law, culture and big ideas. I’ll probably blog about animals and the outdoors and why nature matters.  And the importance of knowing history.

Looking forward to building a community here.



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