Loving Nature: Green Lizard

Posted on June 13, 2011


Ben Franklin is famous for his scientific curiosity and experimentation. Everyone knows he discovered electricity through his famous kite and key experiment during a lightning storm.

Ben also studied currents and marine life during his many voyages across the Atlantic.

As a child, I loved to study science. Like most teens in 20th century America, I sort of lost touch with my interest in science for some years, partly due to a fear of higher math but mostly due to a dislike of afternoon science labs, which interfered with  sun-tanning during college and law school years.

As I moved into and through my 30s, I discovered science was cool after all.

Here are some pics of a really cool green lizard that greeted me when I arrived home on June 5, 2011. I haven’t had time to determine the type yet. If someone knows, please feel free to let me know via a comment.






A few more pics are included here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/reesnaps/sets/72157626947289926/

On the plus side, I never lost my love for nature, even when “acting like a girl” was the best way to ensure a date for the weekend.

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