Posted on June 21, 2011


I love rain. Not every day, of course, but regular rainfall is a necessity–and it’s quite nice. Soothing.

I especially love a long, slow, steady rain. One of my fondest childhood memories is playing in one of those rains with my brother.  It was more of a light rain,  but it rained and drizzled for hours. I was probably 11 or 12, Chip would’ve been 7 or 8. I think it was Fall because it was cool enough for  Chip and I to build a fire under a huge oak tree.  The leaves protected the fire from the drizzle sufficiently to allow it to burn all afternoon. I don’t recall what we did, in particular, we just played. And it was nice.

Back in late summer 2008, I intentionally took a long walk on a rainy day brought to us by a tropical storm. Fay, I think it was. I waited until the drizzle seemed constant and then set out on my way, along the Tuscaloosa Riverwalk, to the University of Alabama campus, up McCorvey Drive, through the plaza at the Ferg, around the quad and back home. About 6 miles, in all.

We’re in an early-stage drought where I live now. We’ve had one decent rain at my house since May 27–about 1/2″.  But some parts of the state, particularly the southeast corner, are in really bad shape–severe drought. Temps in the mid-and-upper 90s since mid-May, have exacerbated the dryness to the point that gardens and crops are withering from the combination.

My parents’ have fared somewhat better–they’ve received several decent rains during the past month, although the rains are fare below normal. I was visiting last week when I awoke to a beautiful, slow rain. I learned that I had slept through a big thunderstorm around 1 a.m. But it rained for several hours before I left.

I walked around in the rain. Sat in the pool house and loved on Dali, my rescued Maine Coon cat who has terrible sinus problems and can’t live in the house.  Dali lives with my parents on the farm and supervises everything. Bama, my dog, and Nicholas, my parents’ dog, joined us. We watched it rain for about an hour. That was a special hour.

Do kids still get to play in the rain?

Do you walk in the rain?

The forecast finally calls for a decent chance of rain over the next few days. These are likely to be pop-up storms but at least there’s a chance for something. If there’s no lightning (sorry Ben), I think I’ll walk in the rain. Will you?

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