How to Make a Perfect Tomato Sandwich

Posted on July 3, 2011


A homegrown, ripe, juicy tomato, sliced, between two pieces of whole wheat bread is my idea of perfection.

I can’t believe that everyone doesn’t love tomato sandwiches. I love tomato sandwiches so much that I took pictures of my first tomato sandwich of the year, back on June 11, and am happy to share my “top-secret” technique for making these divine delights.

Step One: Start with a juicy homegrown tomato, preferably an heirloom. But anything homegrown is probably OK. If you can’t grow your own tomatoes, visit a farmer’s market. Don’t bother with the store-bought tomatoes. Those are horrid—not worth eating and certainly not worth spending money on.


This is a Cherokee Purple tomato I bought from Andy of A & P Farms at the East Lake Farmer’s Market on June 11. My tomatoes weren’t bearing at that time.

Step Two: Rinse the tomato, then slice. No peeling necessary.


Step Three: Place two slices of bread on a plate. I prefer whole wheat or some type of whole-grain bread.  At this point, most people seem to want to slather the bread with mayonnaise. I loathe the taste of mayonnaise, so I don’t contaminate my perfect sandwich with mayo. Suit yourself. Place the tomato slices on bread. Sprinkle with a bit of salt (or not).


You really need a plate because the juice will make a napkin very soggy, very quickly.

Step Five:  Eat.


Like I said, perfection. (And no longer top-secret).

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