Grilled T-bone Steak (Grassfed Beef) & Grilled Veggies

Posted on July 4, 2011


I have a steak about once every three to four weeks, preferably grilled. For the past few years, I’ve pretty much limited my beef consumption to grass-fed beef, buying  as “local” as possible. More and more ranchers and farmers are raising grass-fed beef and selling it directly to consumers at farmers markets.

Some producers offer regular delivery points when farmers markets aren’t in operation. Most offer subscription or bulk purchase options, as well. And some grocery stores are helping with availability of grass-fed beef. Publix is carrying White Oak Pastures grass-fed ground beef. Whole Foods also offers grass-fed beef in a variety of cuts.

Sunday, July 3, is the most recent of my “steak” days. Here’s a look at Sunday’s dinner. The small T-bone steak is from Averiett Branch Farm in Fayetteville, Alabama. I bought it Saturday from their booth at Pepper Place Market.



The corn and bell pepper are from my parents’ garden. The squash and grape-size Roma tomatoes are from my garden. Mushrooms are organic crimini bought at Whole Foods.

This large, sliced tomato is from my parents’ garden. My tomatoes are coming in now but they are much smaller and not quite as juicy (due to dry conditions and, probably, less than optimal soil). For now, I’m using my tomatoes for bacon, spinach and tomato sandwiches and in salads.

I baked my first olive oil cake Sunday afternoon. More on the cake later.* Enjoyed it with strawberries, basil  and a balsamic vinegar/honey mix. I didn’t make the same strawberry topping described in the restaurant.

I’m working on posts that will profile several of the grass-fed beef ranchers/farmers that I’ve bought from over the past year. Most of these folks can supply over a fairly wide territory, so it isn’t necessary to be in Birmingham (or even in Alabama) to buy from them. If you run across this post and you’re a rancher who produces grass-fed beef, get in touch with me. I’d love to include you in my series. Leave a comment with a link to your website, contact me on Twitter (@ree_tweets) or email me here: JMC300reporting – at – gmail dot com.

*I first had olive oil cake with strawberries, basil and balsamic vinegar reduction in 2008 at a West Alabama Sierra Club local foods dinner at Epiphany Cafe in Tuscaloosa (one of my favorite restaurants). I’ve had it again there on several occasions when Tres had it on the menu. I’ve been wanting to make my own version for quite some time. So I finally did.

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