Ben Franklin Coffee House in Clinton, Missouri

Posted on July 5, 2011


In late July of last year I set off on a long drive from Alabama to Colorado and back. Whenever I take trips, I like to spend as much time as possible on the backroads. On my way home, I stopped off in Clinton, Missouri, to have lunch in the historic downtown area and was thrilled to discover the Ben Franklin Coffee House. How cool is that?!?


I ordered the Ben Franklin, of course. Forgot to take a picture before digging in, but I did snap the menu.


I also ordered a slice of chocolate cake which the waitress said was a house specialty. I think I got the last piece.

They saw me taking pictures of menus and cakes and seemed a bit suspicious, so I explained that I intended to write a blog post about my visit. Better late than never!

Downtown Clinton is a quaint area.




Lots of statutes, monuments and markers. And, like most historic small towns nowadays, a mix of historic buildings and the 20th century make-a-buck real estate development. But they’ve done a good job of keeping the town square fairly historic.



If you’re traveling through Missouri by car, I recommend you stop off in Clinton and visit the historic downtown. It’s a quick mile or two off the interstate. And you can avoid traditional fast food in favor of something local. Not sure if the Ben Franklin Coffee House & Bistro is still in business because the link to their website delivered a “server not found” error.

Clinton, Missouri official website

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