Good for Christian Lopez

Posted on July 11, 2011


Christian Lopez snagged the ball when Derek Jeter hit his 3,000th home run at Yankee Stadium on Saturday.

Instead of doing the Wall Street thing and auctioning off the ball to the highest bidder, Lopez returned the ball to Jeter.

Way to go, Mr. Lopez.

Mr. Lopez apparently has a six-figure student loan obligation. I feel Mr. Lopez’s pain (and I’m not 23). But life in pursuit of maximum monetization isn’t a life worth living.

Lopez told the New York Daily News:

“I have friends who have called me crazy for doing it,” he said. “I know I did the right thing. It never crossed my mind to not give it back. I’m only 23. I have plenty of time to make money.”


Ben Franklin felt the same, when he retired from active-involvement in his printing business at age 42. Ben worked out a partnership deal with his foreman for £650 per year for 18 years, a tidy sum in those days but far less than he could have made had he continued to be actively involved in the business. Likewise, Ben Franklin never sought to patent and profit from his inventions. As Ben wrote in his autobiography:

As we enjoy great advantages from the inventions of others, we should be glad of an opportunity to serve others by any invention of ours, and this we should do freely and generously.

Source: The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Money matters, of course. Ben couldn’t have retired at age 42 without having established a successful business through very hard work and perseverance. But Ben recognized that the pursuit of money isn’t the reason we live and it isn’t necessary to maximize and monetize everything.

It appears that Christian Lopez is cut from the mold of Benjamin Franklin. We need more Ben Franklins and fewer, well, I won’t name names. But you know what I mean. Do you agree?


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