Jane Russell Obituary in The Economist

Posted on July 11, 2011


Before reading this obituary in The Economist, the only thing I really knew about Jane Russell is that she pitched the “Jane Russell 18-Hour Bra” on TV when I was growing up and that she was a top pin-up girl in World War II.

Over the weekend, I was skimming through a few issues of The Economist that I’d not had to time to really look at earlier this year and ran across The Economist’s remembrance of Jane Russell. I always read the obituaries in The Economist (even when I’ve never heard of the deceased) because they are interesting, well-written and I usually learn something new.

The Economist’s obituary for Jane Russell is a tour-de-force. It’s humorous, campy, colorful and, at the same time, informative and respectful. I highly recommend that you take time to read it.

PEOPLE seemed naturally to think in twos when Jane Russell’s name popped up. Bob Hope, her favourite kissing partner, once introduced her as “The two and only”…..

The beautiful breasts, however, were only one reason for the double vision. For there were also two Jane Russells. One was the woman whose lips devoured the screen as she closed in for a kiss; ….

The other Jane Russell was a Bible-studying, born-again Christian, who went to church in Hollywood; who voted Republican;

Source:  The Economist

Good reporting, superb analysis and good writing is the reason I subscribe to The Economist and why I don’t throw out old issues that I didn’t finish reading, simply because some of the news might be a bit stale. I almost always flip through the entire issue before tossing it in the recycle bin.  The Economist delivers up real journalism.

Now I need to find The Outlaw on Turner Classic Movies. It’s a film I don’t believe I’ve ever seen (and I’m embarrassed to admit that).

Jane Russell TV commercial for the Playtex 18-Hour Bra

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