Healthy Salmon Salad by Alison Lewis

Posted on July 12, 2011


I love salmon. Wild Alaskan Salmon, that is. Fresh, frozen or canned—I can take it any of those ways. And regularly do.

In case you aren’t aware, salmon is an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Those are good. If you want a healthy cardiovascular system and a healthy brain, you want to eat lots of foods with Omega-3s.

Last night I saw a tweet from Alison Lewis, of Ingredients, Inc. fame, linking to her 5-ingredient recipe for Healthy Salmon Salad. I clicked. Within seconds, I knew that I’d be having it for lunch.

Alison’s Healthy Salmon Salad is as tasty as I knew it would be and a perfect complement to the last of a garden veggie pasta salad that I made a couple of days ago. Throw in a fresh tomato and dill from the garden and it’s the ideal lunch for a day when the heat index in Birmingham is 109° F. (That’s off-the-scales hot and muggy, for you folks who live in cooler, less humid, climates).

Alison is a nationally-known professional recipe developer, food stylist, cookbook author, blogger and speaker. (There’s more, check out Alison’s bio for yourself). I highly-recommend that you follow @AlisonLewis on Twitter. If you’re into preparing healthy food, you should definitely subscribe to Alison’s blog, Ingredients, Inc., or check it out on a regular basis.

Thanks, Alison, for a superb lunch!

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