Rain Barrel Filled to Overflowing…

Posted on July 13, 2011


My new rain barrel filled to overflowing in less than 20 minutes this afternoon.

Before today’s thunderstorm—a real “gullywasher”—the barrel was about 20-25% full thanks to a brief shower over the weekend. Given the short duration of that rain, I was shocked at how much collected.

Based on the weekend collection, I knew today’s heavy rain would fill the barrel. But I had no idea it would fill so quickly, especially without a gutter.

The water and sewer charges I will save in one month will pay for two barrels. Due to the late spring drought, my mid-May through mid-June water bill topped $116, compared to the usual $33. Almost $90 of that was to the essentially bankrupt Jefferson County Sewer System even though not one drop of the water (over my usual paltry household use) flowed into the sewer system.

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