Cheeky Maiden Soap Co: Naturally Handcrafted in Calera, Alabama

Posted on July 16, 2011


IMG_2978One Saturday morning in early June, I was wandering around Pepper Place Market. The scent of lavender, peppermint, rosemary and cedarwood wafting across the muggy air drew me to the Cheeky Maiden Soap Co. booth, where I found an array of handcrafted soaps and related bath and body care products.

I was in need of foot balm that day because I was almost out of Badger Balm. As a runner, I go through foot balm quite rapidly and had made a mental note earlier in the week that it was time to reorder. I decided to try the Cheeky Maiden Sleepy Feet Foot Balm instead. I wasn’t disappointed.

This past week I needed to be in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and decided to time my visit so that I could stop by the Homegrown Alabama Farmers Market on Thursday afternoon.

I was thrilled to discover Cheeky Maiden Soap Co. was on hand because I needed more foot balm. I had a very nice chat with Missi Burgess, proprietor of Cheeky Maiden, and left with two lovely bars of handcrafted soap in addition to another tin of Sleep Feet Foot Balm. I would’ve purchased even more but I’m on a limited budget. I can’t wait, though, to try the Pitty Party Natural Deodorant. That’s at the top of my wish list.

You can find a wealth of information about how Cheeky Maiden products are made and the ingredients used. You’ll even find a video that gives the details of soapmaking the traditional way.

Here’s a brief video I shot of Missi describing the Cheeky Maiden approach to making soap and body-care products.

Cheeky Maiden Soap Co. – Homegrown Alabama Farmers Market from Sheree Martin on Vimeo.

Cheeky Maiden products are available online, as well as at the Homegrown Alabama farmers market and a few retailers in Alabama and Tennessee (see website for retail locations). If I understood correctly, they won’t be back at Pepper Place this season.

I’m not an affiliate and I’m not receiving anything of value from Cheeky Maiden Soap Co. I simply love the foot balm and can’t wait to try Missi’s soaps (and more, later on). And, of course, I want to promote family-owned businesses whenever possible.

We create  the society and culture we want to live in by the choices we make every day, in the products we choose to purchase and the foods we choose to eat.

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As my “About” page indicates, I try to buy from family-owned, “local” businesses whenever possible and made a big shift in this direction when I lived in Oklahoma (2003-2007).