Sunday Sign: Byler’s Old Turnpike

Posted on July 24, 2011


The Byler’s Old Turnpike historical marker is located at the intersection of Franklin County Road 68 and State Route 99 (also known as County Line Road) at the Franklin County/Lawrence County line in northwest Alabama.

I learned some fascinating history about Byler’s Old Turnpike (and Lawrence County) during my visit last Wednesday to Kinlock Monument and Kinlock Falls in the Bankhead National Forest. For example, sections of Byler’s Old Turnpike followed the old “buffalo trail” in northwest Alabama. The buffalo trail refers to the route the Indians followed into Tennessee to hunt buffalo after buffalo became extinct in Alabama. When Alabama achieved statehood in 1819, one of the first legislative actions by the Alabama legislature was to declare Byler’s Old Turnpike an official state road.

I’ve driven by this marker probably 30 times in the past two years. I always intended to stop and read it but I never did, until last Wednesday. I’m glad I spared one minute to stop, read and take a photo.

Get out and look around. There’s so much history to explore within 100 miles of wherever you live.

This is the second in a weekly series that I started last Sunday (July 17). Look for a new photo of an historical marker, monument or statute each week.

Useful Links to Lawrence County History

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