Garter Snake

Posted on August 16, 2011


IMG_3919I found this little critter in my back yard today. Welcome, garter snake. Consumer of rodents and all manner of insects and such that I probably don’t want in my yard or garden. You’re certainly a pretty, fashionable thing, neon green stripes and all.

I’m not generally snake-phobic so I left it alone. I like that garter snakes eat the bugs that we mostly don’t want. It’s not that I want a snake in my house or anything–I don’t. But I don’t have an aversion to snakes. They play a vital role in every ecosystem. In fact, having this garter snake around is, to me, a sign that my yard is becoming a healthy ecosystem. It’s filled with birds and I’m hearing lots of tree frogs now. That said, I’m pleased that the snake in my yard is a garter and not a copperhead or rattlesnake.

I love nature.


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