Sad News on the Baby Bird Front

Posted on August 25, 2011


When I arrived home Sunday evening, there was lots of chirping from the sparrow nest in the eaves above my patio deck. I had full work days on campus Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Presumably, one or two sparrow nestlings got their wings on Monday or Tuesday.

By Tuesday evening I was only hearing only one bird chirping. I was able to snap this pic of the little bird calling out for food.

I never saw a parent return to the nest after Tuesday, although it’s very possible feedings were still happening.

When I came home Wednesday evening, all was quiet. I was hopeful that the remaining fledgling had flown over to brighter things. Still quiet this morning.

This evening, I found this little bird dead in my yard. Can’t be sure it’s the same, of course, but I’m guessing it’s likely. Not sure if the bird died or was the victim of a playful pup while I was at work.


Whatever the cause, it’s sad to see a little bird too small to make it in the world succumb to nature.

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