Finer Grind Coffee Roasters

Posted on August 27, 2011


IMG_3660When it comes to specialty coffees, Birmingham, Alabama has one of the finest micro-roasters in the nation: Woody Wiginton’s Finer Grind.

Yesterday, I ran across this review of seven top independent coffee roasters on Cool Hunting. Actually, @cutigerash tweeted the link, so I took a look. And I remembered that I’d planned to do a blog post on Finer Grind in early August, just before I had a dog crisis and a trip to St. Louis for AEJMC, but I ran out of time.

I don’t claim to be a great connoisseur of coffee but I am very particular about the taste of the coffee I choose to drink. I know what I like and I don’t like most of the products that are mass-marketed as coffee. I don’t waste my money on buying something cheap that I don’t like. I’d much rather have a Red Bull than a cup of bad coffee. But there’s nothing better than a cup of very good coffee that’s carefully roasted and brewed properly.

So, as I sit enjoying cup number 3 of this morning’s Finer Grind selection: Brazil Bob-O-Link Mogiana, I decided to get this blog post up and help spread the word about what makes Finer Grind’s coffees so special.

I discovered Finer Grind through Twitter, which has been my best and most reliable source of information about cool people and places in Birmingham. The I tried it out a bag via Crestwood Coffee.

 I first Woody in person at a Lunch Bunch tweet-up gathering and then again at TEDxRedMountain, where he was serving up a Bolivian coffee (I think). I’ve enjoyed the chance to try a new selection each week at the East Lake Farmers Market (when I’m in town)—and I’ll be sad when the market marks the end of the season.

I’ll let Woody himself  share his philosophy of coffee roasting, sustainability and business:

Woody Wiginton, Finer Grind Coffee Roasters from Sheree Martin on Vimeo.

I can’t wait to try the Costa Rica Sin Limites that I purchased this morning at East Lake Farmers Market.

My absolute favorite is the Brazil Bob-O-Link Mogiana. I can’t get enough.

Learn more about Finer Grind Coffee Roasters here: