Sunday Sign: Joseph Pulitzer Memorial

Posted on August 28, 2011


I recently spent four nights in St. Louis for the annual meeting of the Association of Education in Journalism & Mass Communication, an unwieldy name for a group better known among its members as AEJMC.

My inner lawyer geek  wanted to visit The Old Courthouse, site of the Dred Scott trial. The case has a convulated procedural history but, in a retrial in 1850, the St. Louis Circuit Court declared Dred Scott and his family to be free. Ultimately, the Supreme Court rendered a decision in the case that is a huge black mark on the freedom and liberty protected by the U.S. Constitution. I’ll dedicate a separate post to my visit to The Old Courthouse.

I discovered this memorial sign dedicated to Joseph Pulitzer  in the sidewalk at the entrance to The Old Courthouse, the site where Pulitzer purchased the St. Louis Dispatch at a public auction.

I love this description of Pulitzer: “Passionate devotee of the cause of liberty—Liberty of action, of opinion, of government.”

The Sunday Sign is a weekly series where I share a photo and a bit of information about a historical marker or similar sign. Links to other Sunday Sign posts can be found here.