Praying Mantis Waits for Hummingbird

Posted on September 19, 2011


I walked outside this morning to put something away before I left for work and noticed this praying mantis perched on my hummingbird feeder, as if lying in wait for a little hummer to stop by.

I had repositioned my hummingbird feeder the day before in an attempt to avoid ants, which have been finding it in the regular location.

I snapped a few pictures, moved the mantis away from the feeder (via a small dead limb I found under a nearby tree), and left for work.

When I returned home this evening, the praying mantis was back in its perch (in a slightly different location). So I snapped a couple of new pics as it grew dark. And then I did a bit of research. I was curious about whether praying mantis will try to eat a hummingbird. Turns out the praying mantis doesn’t simply “try” for the hummer. The mantis can attack and win. Here’s one example.

I moved my hummingbird feeder again.

I have more pics but no time to post them tonight. Incredibly busy month. Check back later for updates to this post. I’ll try to get the additional pics into this post by mid-week.

Here’s one of my hummingbird visitors. I snapped this pic on Sunday afternoon, September 18, 2011.

I’m not interested in killing the praying mantis, by the way.

According to African myth, the praying mantis represents “the voice of the infinite in the small.”



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