Bumble’s Green Lizard

Posted on October 7, 2011


A couple of weeks ago I noticed Bumble (my cat) hovering over something in the yard. She was so intent that I went out to investigate

Turns out that Bumble had “captured” and was tormenting a small, green lizard.

At first, I thought the lizard was already dead. It was completely still. But I watched patiently. I finally saw signs of breathing.

So I grabbed a piece of cardboard and slid it under the lizard—while keeping Bumble at bay.

I thought it wise to try to determine if the lizard was injured, so I placed the cardboard on a patio table and watched.


After watching a bit, I grabbed a pine needle and touched the lizard. He began to move at that point. I say “he” because the dewlap flap is a characteristic of male Anolis carolinensis.


When it appeared the lizard was going to be able to move on, I left him alone and returned to my afternoon’s work.


In this last pic, you can really see the pink fan or dewlap flap.




Earlier this year, I spotted what I presume to be the parents of this lizard, or perhaps a relative. Here’s that post: Loving Nature.


Savannah River Ecology Laboratory

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