Dali’s Phone Chat

Posted on October 7, 2011


Dali is a cat I rescued when I lived in Oklahoma. He lives with my parents now. Everyone who meets Dali says he’s the coolest cat they’ve ever known. He is amazing.

Today, I was talking with my mom by phone. She had to leave the phone for a couple of minutes to look something up for me. I switched my phone to “speaker” mode so I could type while I waited.

Suddenly, I heard what sounded like the coo of little toddler, Cindy Lou Who. (She was no more than two, as you should know.)

We don’t have any toddlers in our family at the moment, so the coo took me by surprise. I turned up the volume on my phone.

There it was again.

It occurred to me, this must be a cat. Is it Dali, or Friend. (Friend is another of my kitty rescues).

I knew mom was outside, but Dali never meows, so I spoke into the phone: “Friend, is that you” Or is this Dali”? After a brief lull, another coo. This time, it was clearly a cat

“Friend? Dali”?

“Coo mew.”

“I’m coming up to visit this weekend.”

“Coo mew.”

Then silence. I wasn’t sure what to “say” and I was busy at work so I turned my focus back to typing while I waited.

Mom returned. We finished our business and then I remembered.

“Was Dali around the phone while you were gone”? I asked.

“Yes, he’s right here.”

I shared with Mom how Dali tried to “talk” to me. Mom wasn’t surprised. “He’s the smartest thing I’ve ever known,” she said.

Dali is incredible.


More about Dali’s “story” in another post. If a cat ever deserved a book, Dali does (and I’m going to write it).

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