Montrose, Colorado: Sunday Sign

Posted on November 27, 2011


This week’s Sunday Sign gives a shout-out to lovely Montrose, Colorado.  I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Montrose a couple of times since my brother and his family moved there in 2008.

Montrose is located in the southwestern quadrant of Colorado, in the Uncompahgre Valley, in lands originally populated by the Ute Indians. White settlers arrived in the Valley in the 1870s but could not legally settle the area until the Ute Indians were relocated to a reservation in Utah. Montrose was officially designated a “town” in 1882 (the original name was Pomona). Source: Official Website of the City of Montrose, CO.

Montrose is centrally located between Telluride and Gunnison and skiers often choose to fly into Montrose and drive to nearby Telluride, Crested Butte or other popular ski areas.

I’m a big fan of Montrose. You can walk anywhere (sidewalks abound), dogs are welcome and everyone appears to be into health and fitness. In other words, typical Colorado.

Montrose has the feel of a quaint small town.


But you’re also likely to run into some wildlife if you’re walking or jogging in city parks.


Since Montrose is in the high desert, the winter snows are actually fairly light (according to my brother), especially relative to the nearby mountains.

Downtown features a variety of really cool sculptures, highlighting the wildlife native to the area.




I’ve had several very good meals in Montrose. I’ll be doing separate posts (in coming weeks) about a couple of my favorites. But here’s a teaser:


I had this  nice tiramisù at Damiano’s on E. Main St. in Montrose last January.

Cafe 110 is my favorite place for breakfast in Montrose. Love, love, love it.


Montrose isn’t the most beautiful city in Colorado, but it’s a nice, friendly small town.


Sheree, Allison & Melanie (L to R)


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