Make Miracles Happen

Posted on January 9, 2012


I recently spent a good bit of time going through several boxes of papers and miscellaneous items that had accumulated and needed to be dealt with.

One item I found was a small pamphlet containing an essay by Norman Vincent Peale. I recalled that my aunt had given this to me several years ago. I decided to re-read the essay, “Expect a Miracle, Make Miracles Happen,” last week to launch the new year.

The gist of Dr. Peale’s philosophy is summed up in the second paragraph of this 20-page pamphlet:

If you keep your eyes open expectantly every day for great and wonderful things to happen, it is astonishing that great and wonderful things will tend to happen to you. Always think of the best. Never think of the worst. And if the worst invades your consciousness, think of it in terms of how to make it the best. The naturalist, John Burroughs, once said, “My own shall come to me.” What we send out mentally and spiritually will return to us. We become what we are in our thoughts.”

Dr. Peale referred to this as the power of positive thinking. Others call it the law of attraction.

I do believe we become whatever we focus on and we get the results we expect. But I also think action is usually a necessary part of the mix. Peale’s essay doesn’t focus on the “make” part of his title, but it seems to me that “making” requires some type of action, even if ever-so-slight.

Last week, near the end of a run, this phrase popped into my head: “Take action, the results will amaze you.” I’d been contemplating a lot of goals and items on my “to-do” list and was wondering how to get it all done. I realized that I just needed to dive in.

This year: “EXPECT a miracle, MAKE miracles happen.”

The Monday Motivator series on The Ben Franklin Follies resumes today after a brief hiatus due to end-of-semester deadlines and holiday activities. My blogging was quite sporadic during the Fall semester, and especially during December, due to grading and other activities, some within my control, some not. One of my goals for the early part of this year is to return to blogging on a daily basis, even if the post is something quick and simple.