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Sunday Sign: Geology of the Telluride Valley

July 31, 2011


This week’s sign describes the geology of the Telluride Valley. I paid my first visit to Telluride on August 2, 2010 and fell in love with the town. Most people know Telluride for its skiing and music festivals, but Telluride is quite different than some of the other popular ski areas. Telluride was established as […]

Sunday Sign: Byler’s Old Turnpike

July 24, 2011


The Byler’s Old Turnpike historical marker is located at the intersection of Franklin County Road 68 and State Route 99 (also known as County Line Road) at the Franklin County/Lawrence County line in northwest Alabama. I learned some fascinating history about Byler’s Old Turnpike (and Lawrence County) during my visit last Wednesday to Kinlock Monument […]

Sunday Sign: Capulin Volcano National Monument

July 17, 2011


This is the first installment of a weekly post that I'm calling the Sunday Sign. The signs will be (mostly) from historic places, landmarks and monuments that I visit. I visited the Capulin Volcano National Monument during my drive out west in July/August 2010.

Smart Birds: Crows Never Forget a Face

July 9, 2011


Loved this story I ran across on Discovery News site about the intelligence of crows and how they can remember faces: Crows remember the faces of threatening humans and often react by scolding and bringing in others to mob the perceived miscreant, according to a new study published in the latest Proceedings of the Royal […]

Loving Nature: Green Lizard

June 13, 2011


Ben Franklin is famous for his scientific curiosity and experimentation. Everyone knows he discovered electricity through his famous kite and key experiment during a lightning storm. Ben also studied currents and marine life during his many voyages across the Atlantic. As a child, I loved to study science. Like most teens in 20th century America, […]